The Stunt-Factory not only offers the best service in the show arena, but we also offer a high class service on your film set. From the highfall to stairfalls, from motorcycle wheelies to a car rollover crash, the Stunt-Factory does it all for you. We also have our own equipment on hand, in order to bring down production costs.

Our stuntmen/women are constantly attending seminars and workshops to always be trained and up to date for you. We are looking forward to being part of your shooting and guarantee a professional and safe handling of your order.

To make your work even easier, we also offer special effects – everything from a single source and perfect communication. Just give us a call and we’ll do the rest – it couldn’t be easier!

Joe Tödtling

The Stunt-Factory was founded in 2009 by stuntman and stunt coordinator Joe Tödtling. Since then it has been run by him as a sole proprietorship.

In order to be able to attend every film set or action show with the best possible stuntmen/women, Joe has the possibility to fall back on a freelancer pool of over 120 stuntmen/women and the success proves him right. In the past decade Joe has already supported several Hollywood as well as Bollywood and various TV productions with his experience.

Furthermore, Joe is internationally involved in live-action events to support them with his sought-after know-how as a stunt coordinator, but also as a stuntman.

Since we attach great importance not only to our own safety but also to the safety of all those present or all utensils when performing the desired stunts, all our stunt people are insured against liability and accidents.

Riyadh Opening Season 2021 powered by Stunt-Factory