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Safety first

Forget all the rigid bulky protectors you can buy in any store for less than a good breakfast.

Most of those products do not offer any comfort or flexibility and tend to restrict your freedom of movement with their bulky designs. Not really the first and ideal choice for a product that has to ensure a certain level of safety when you are dealing with the risk of getting injured.

Xion PG offers a new and revolutionary design in personal body protection. Our products are thin, comfortable, flexible and extremely impact reductive using the D3O® technology. On top of that our products are worn as Base-Layer garments AND the designs are extremely low profile due to the thin and flexible properties of the D3O® paddings.

Xion PG was originally founded by a stunt performer and a military police officer from the Netherlands. After reading an article in a science magazine about a new developed polymer called “D3O®”, they travelled to the UK to discuss the need for low profile, flexible, high impact reductive products within the industries they are still both actively involved in.

After years of prototyping, testing and developing, the Xion PG brand (formerly known as Xion Stuntpadding) became known within the underground scenes of various early adaptors. In the past year, Xion PG has grown towards a strong brand and its users praise the growing product line in such an amazing way that Xion PG feels extremely confident it has designed and developed the “next generation” protective undergarments.

Although Xion PG initially started to design universal body protection for stunt applications, it soon became evident that the products were suitable for a much greater audience.

Everyone, confronted with the risk of getting injured, either professional or leisure wise, will highly benefit from our protective product line.