Joe Tödtling

Joe Tödtling was the first of four children to be born in Anger, Eastern Styria, as the son of a transport manager and an innkeeper. He attended elementary and secondary school, then the polytechnic in Passail for a year. During his school time he discovered his love for acting and took part in some school productions. During his primary and secondary school years he also attended the music school in Passail, where he learned to play the trumpet and drums.

After school, he decided to complete the apprenticeship of a chimney sweep. Also during this time he took part in various cabaret productions in which he also worked as a lyricist and costume designer. At the same time he also played smaller roles in the local castle plays, which are known far beyond the Styrian borders.

After his apprenticeship, Joe Tödtling did his 7-month military service with the Austrian Armed Forces. There he also learned the handling and use of various weapons and war equipment. During this time he also mastered the one-week selection to the army pilot in whose training he changed also after the basic military service. During aerobatic exercises Joe Tödtling learned to cope with extreme situations and changed from an active soldier to a militia position to complete a stuntman training. Shortly afterwards he flew to America. He attended the stunt school of Mr. Kim Kahana, who was among other things a fixed stunt double of Charles Bronson for 30 years and was also active in other successful action productions as a stuntman and stunt coordinator. During this time, Joe Tödtling learned a lot from Mr. Kahana about the work of a stuntman and stunt coordinator, and later successfully applied what he had learned.

From 2004 to 2008 Joe Tödtling worked exclusively as a stuntman, stunt coordinator and stunt trainer in Austria. Joe coordinates and choreographs his own stunt shows and is also responsible for the costumes and scenery. Furthermore, he selects and cuts various pieces of music for his shows himself.

In order to gain a foothold in the film business, Joe will expand his activities beyond the borders of Austria. Furthermore, Joe has produced, coordinated and financed a stunt action clip called “Snipers Diary” for his company

Since then, it’s hard to imagine the film business without him, as his entry on IMDB impressively shows.


  • height: 190 cm
  • weight: 98 kg
  • eye color: brown
  • hair color: brown
  • date of birth: 1979/10/20
  • nationality: Austria

special skills:

  • weapon training
  • private pilot license
  • military pilot training


  • german
  • english

drivers licenses:

  • A/B (Europe)
  • train driver & -license


  • martial arts
  • sword fighting
  • fencing
  • snowboarding
  • swimming
  • horse riding


  • various, in- & outdoor
  • speciality: fire stunts